Hawthorn Medical Bldg Patients


Is your Doctor in Hawthorn Medical Bldg.?We offer many services to Hawthorn Medical Bldg. patients EXCLUSIVELY

Stop by at Pharmahealth here in the 535 Bldg., Entrance A

UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, now we are a HEALTH MART PHARMACY (Operated by independently owned Pharmacist)!

Right after your visit, you can pick your medications up during the same visit.

  • Fill your prescriptions here in PharmaHealth, for additional services that you deserve and don’t get in Chain Pharmacies
  • Get your Nebulizer machine free for transferring Prescriptions associated with the COPD medical condition.
  • Get your Glucose Monitor FREE if you are transferring Prescriptions associated with Diabetes
  • And also get a free Monthly Vitamins bottle.
  • All under one roof

You can also follow up on claims diligently and we will update you as it moves forward,. You can discuss prior authorizations and all other insurance rejections, high copays and clarifications on deductibles if you have any with us.

Tell your Hawthorn Medical Doctor to send your prescriptions to Pharmahealth to pick up right after visit or on your way back home or WE DELIVER FOR FREE. You can ALL at the same time have your MEDICAL CHECK UP and your Prescription picked UP and avoid a second trip to BIG Chain Pharmacy to stay away from the crowds.

We accept all insurances, CVS CAREMARK Express Scripts Senior Whole Health (SWH), MASSHEALTH. And many more.

Are you tired of waiting in lines in BIG pharmacies? NO NEED to wait! Do you spend lot of time in picking up medications and juggling around to provide medications to nears and dears, or you clients?Are you a case manager or care giver having hard time providing the correct medications to your patients? We are here to help you:

  • We deliver your medications right to your door for FREE!
  • We will sync all of your medications for the same day delivery or pick up. We blister pack them, so that patients gets all their meds, as they were prescribed.
  • We work with case managers, care givers etc .to make sure your current medication list is UPDATED in Doctors office, Pharmacy and and Nursing supervisor in assisted living facility etc if any.